BTC chart (24.3.2019)

Bitcoin’s price action is really interesting these days. Charts on most exchanges look like the chart on BitMEX. You can see that the price is going sideways. There is a really beautiful level of liquidity around 3950$. We will take that level out for sure and maybe Bitcoin’s trying to get to the order block marked with the blue box.

BTCKRW on the other way is still going up. Now we are retesting the 4524000 level. There is a high chance that you will really see the old high get taken out. The blue box is an awesome example of liquidity zone.

Last chart I want to show you is BTCJPY. What’s really interesting is that it makes lower lows. I think it’s clear that we will touch the OB on this one. As you can all see on all of the charts covered in this article there is one chart going up, sideways and down. It’s really weird to see Bitcoin moving like this. Also don’t forget the gap I was talking about in my last article!

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